WTI crude oil rose 8.1% to US $59.34/barrel in the day, while Brent crude oil rose 8.9% to 65.60 yuan / barrel in the day. Goldman Sachs: the US strategic oil reserve (SPR) is enough to maintain the oil market balance for several months. Market news: according to local officials, the armed forces in eastern Libya have set Sirte, the central city of Libya, as a military target for air strikes. 【South Korean government: Saudi oil fields will not affect domestic crude oil supply in the short term】 according to Yonhap, South Korea’s Ministry of industry, commerce and Resources said on the 16th, South Korea’s crude oil import will not be affected in the short term, but if the situation is long-term, crude oil supply or affected, the short-term volatility of international crude oil prices will also increase. The Ministry said it would monitor the impact of the incident on domestic markets and consumer prices and take necessary measures in advance. South Korea will also actively cooperate with the International Energy Agency (IEA) and other international communities to stabilize the international oil market. Hong Kong Telecom reported on July 16 that the new derivative “internal card” has been on the market for nearly two months, and more than 330 internal card products have been on the market so far. According to the statistics of HSBC, the main issuer, about half of the issued products are related products of Hang Seng Index, accounting for more than 92% of the market positions. Liu Jiahui, CO director of institutional clients and wealth management sales in Asia in global capital markets, said that since the first batch of in-house certificates are all products with 6-month maturity, he expected that if the price of in-house certificates is on the edge of out of boundary and in boundary before the expiration of the first batch of products at the end of this year or the beginning of next year, they will be very sensitive to price changes and have the opportunity to become the target of short-term speculation of active round of securities investors, And it has become an opportunity for the trading of internal securities products to become more active. (Hong Kong Economic Daily) Hang Seng futures rose 0.01% to 27058. German Foreign Minister Maas: the Saudi oil field attack may lead to an escalation of the threat situation. Goldman Sachs: among exploration and production companies, ConocoPhillips (COP. N), Continental energy company and pioneer natural resources company are expected to face the greatest potential risk of rising oil prices in the near future. Source: it may take several months for Saudi Aramco to fully resume production to normal oil production level. India’s trade minister: will work with the United States to resolve trade disputes over the past few months. 【National Bureau of Statistics: the data of the fourth economic census will be released at the right time after being reviewed in recent two months】 according to Xinhua news agency, at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council on the 16th, Fu Linghui, spokesman of the National Bureau of statistics, said that the National Bureau of statistics will further review the data of the fourth economic census in September and October, and then release the announcement of the economic census at the right time Main data results. On this basis, the national economic aggregate in 2018 will be revised to further promote the unified accounting of regional GDP. GBP / USD fell 0.5% to 1.2428. Goldman Sachs: a 25% increase in oil prices is expected to reduce demand by 400000 B / D and 700000 B / D in the next two quarters respectively. Goldman Sachs: the 2-6 week shutdown may cause Brent crude oil price to fluctuate 4-14 USD / barrel below 75 USD / barrel. Goldman Sachs: if the shutdown affects more than 5 million barrels / day for 40-45 days, the oil inventory will decline by the end of the year, and the number of days that can meet future demand will be reduced by 4 days compared with the normal situation. 【quick news】 Russia will reduce crude oil export tariff to US $87.2 per ton from October 1. (Sina) Goldman Sachs: the Saudi oil field is shut down due to the attack, and it is expected to know more about how long the crude oil production will stop. However, if the production of 5-6 million barrels / day is stopped for an extended period, there may be a real risk. German economy minister altmeyer: the banking industry has been told that it is not a good way to convey negative interest rates to millions of depositors. U.S. energy secretary Perry: I believe the market has enough resilience to survive the Saudi oil field attack and will respond positively to the attack. Source: Saudi Aramco has changed the shipping classification standard from light crude oil to heavy crude oil.  

 当日,WTI原油上涨8.1%至59.34美元/桶,布伦特原油上涨8.9%至65.60元/桶。 高盛:美国战略石油储备(SPR)足以维持几个月的石油市场平衡。 市场消息:据当地官员透露,利比亚东部武装部队已将利比亚中心城市苏尔特定为空袭的军事目标。 【韩国政府:沙特油田短期内不会影响国内原油供应】据韩联社报道,韩国工商资源部16日表示,韩国原油进口短期内不会受到影响,但如果形势长期,原油供应或受到影响国际原油价格短期波动性也将加大。工信部表示,将监测事件对国内市场和居民消费价格的影响,并提前采取必要措施韩国还将积极与国际能源署(IEA)等国际社会合作,稳定国际石油市场。 香港电信7月16日报道称,新衍生品“内部卡”已经上市近两个月,至今已有330多个内部卡产品上市。据主要发行人汇丰银行统计,发行产品中约有一半是恒生指数相关产品,占市场仓位的92%以上全球资本市场亚洲机构客户和财富管理销售联席总监刘家辉表示,由于第一批内部凭证都是6个月到期的产品,他预计,如果内部凭证的价格在第一批到期前处于境外和境内的边缘一批批产品在今年年底或明年年初,它们将对价格变化非常敏感,



有机会成为活跃一轮证券投资者短期炒作的对象,也成为内部证券产品交易更加活跃的机会(香港经济日报) 恒生期货上涨0.01%,至27058点。 德国外长马斯:沙特油田袭击可能导致威胁局势升级。 高盛(Goldman Sachs):在勘探和生产公司中,康菲石油(ConocoPhillips)是其中之一。预计大陆能源公司(Continental energy company)和先锋自然资源公司(pioneer natural resources company)近期将面临油价上涨的最大潜在风险。 资料来源:沙特阿美可能需要几个月的时间才能完全恢复正常的石油生产水平。 印度贸易部长:将与美国合作解决过去几个月的贸易争端。 【国家统计局:第四次经济普查数据将于近两个月审查后适时发布】据新华社电国务院新闻办公室16日举行新闻发布会,国家统计局新闻发言人傅凌辉表示,国家统计局将进一步审核9、10月份第四次经济普查数据,然后适时公布经济普查主要数据结果在此基础上,对2018年国民经济总量进行修订,进一步推进区域GDP统一核算。 英镑/美元下跌0.5%,至1.2428。 高盛:预计未来两个季度,油价上涨25%将分别减少40万桶/日和70万桶/日的需求。 高盛:2-6周的停产可能导致布伦特原油价格在75美元/桶以下波动4-14美元/桶。 高盛:如果停产影响超过500万桶/天,持续40-45天,到年底石油库存将下降,能够满足未来需求的天数将比正常情况减少4天。 【快讯】俄罗斯将从10月1日起将原油出口关税降至每吨87.2美元。(新浪) 高盛(Goldman Sachs):沙特油田因袭击而关闭,预计它将进一步了解原油生产将停止多久不过,如果长时间停产500万至600万桶/日,则可能存在实际风险。 德国经济部长阿尔特迈耶:银行业被告知,这不是向数百万储户传达负利率的好办法。 美国能源部长佩里:我相信,市场有足够的弹性在沙特油田袭击中幸存下来,并将积极应对袭击。 资料来源:沙特阿美已将航运分类标准从轻质原油改为重质原油。